Sunday, 17 June 2012

Weekend Jolly

Hello peeps...I'm back.  Last weekend both myself and Ian along with Sarah and Neil went to Bournemouth for the weekend.  It was a real shame the weather was pants, just look at the beach, look at the choppy sea and look how high we were!.  We made good time travelling and decided to go for a little walk along the cliff and blow some cobwebs away.  Must admit it was good to be by the sea :-)
It was good to see the boys getting back in catalogue pose mode (I will have to tell you about that another time)

and it was good to see so many old buildings in the town centre, this one reminded me of Burlington Arcade in Piccadilly.  I've not been to Bournemouth before and to be honest I was a little sad,  it seems a little tired and needs rejuvenating and some areas were very run down.  It was also evident Bournemouth Council have made huge cut backs as the parks flower bed, pots and hanging baskets were all empty, we couldn't find one annual planted :-(  how sad it will not be in bloom.
Found an old fashioned sweet shop (why oh why don't they have one in Reading I don't know).  We bought ourselves a quarter pound of this and that ready for the show - ooh have I not told you why we were in Bournemouth?  I'll come to that in a minute.
We found ourselves in The Slug and Lettuce for a pre-show meal, and very nice it was too:-)
and pre-show drinks (this was for tasting purposes only as I've never tasted Pear Cider)
and then onto The Show - Oh Yes, the one and only Brendan O'Carroll in Mrs Brown's Boys. I have not laughed so much in ages and can see why the show has won 2 Bafta Awards.  I've watched the series on TV but to see him perform on stage with the ad libs was fantastic, and that scene with Winny and the waxing was hilarious (go and watch it, it'll make you cry).  Loved the way at the end of the show he invited people to take photo's of him and the cast, you don't get that very often.  I hope the next series is just as funny and cannot wait until it starts again.
And on a final note, never ever book into The Heathlands Hotel in Bournemouth, it's dire with many a Stag and Hen party going on and it's not well maintained with curtains coming off the rails and rubbish not being collected in the hall way - You have been warned :-)
Be back soon with day 2 of the trip (don't want you to get bored reading another long post)
Lynetta Xx

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