Monday, 11 June 2012

Week 21 - Victoria Sponge

No Quote from a book - I used the WI method!
Faff Factor = 9
Bake = 9
Keeping Up Appearances = 10
Total score = 28/30
My, oh my, am I happy to be the proud owner of this Victoria Sponge.  This cake was moo-hooosive to say the least.  I used the old WI method of weighing the eggs (in their shells) and then using this weight for SR flour, butter and castor sugar adding a little vanilla extract for added flavour.  I think I was a little ambitious to use a 4 egg mix.  As I was watching the cake in the oven it was rising and rising and rising, at one point I was a little worried it would over flow the tins.
After the baking I mixed some fresh cream with a little vanilla bean paste, used some strawberry jam and sliced fresh strawberries.  It was deee-liiii-ciii-ouuussss (but then this is my all time favourite cake, just a simple a plain girl, that's me). It was so light a fluffy with that perfect taste only a Victoria Sponge can give you.  I was very proud and happy with the result hence the high score, but as you know baking can go disastrously wrong at any given time.
My only criticism of this cake would be when I bake one again and if it rises this much I think I may slice each half in half and fill with even more cream, jam and strawberries :-)
And do you like my topper? This is what I made the other week when I had idle hands.  I think it looks very proud and British flying on top of my cake.
The cake was a welcome addition to my afternoon Jubilee tea and it got me thinking a little when I was cutting myself a slice, why did no-one create a cake for Queen Elizabeth?  With all the chefs, bakers and cake makers there are out there I wonder if someone has tried and it never got past the Royal seal of approval, which is such a shame as wouldn't it of been great to have something new to bake for the 60th Jubilee.  You can guess what I'm now thinking, if Liz gets to her 70th as I would have more experience of baking I may have the knowledge to create a new cakeand then I could become a millionaire with my recipe :-)  Watch this space!
Lynetta Xx

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