Wednesday, 23 May 2012

At last!.......

I don't think I would be British if I didn't talk about the weather at some point on my blog, it's funny how us Biritsh are known for talking about the weather don't you think?  and at last, the sun has got his hat on and the forecast is for at least a week. 
I have been saying to my work collegues that it will be a glorious Diamond Jubilee, so with this passing phrase I say - Long may it Reign (but the good one, not the bad one :-) )
Did I mention I am going to London at the weekend?  Oh I did - well watch this space for a full blog report and with the wonderful weather I will be taking some wonderful photo's of Regent Street as I have noticed in the press the flags are flying, I can't wait:-)
Toot Toot!
Lynetta Xx

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