Friday, 4 May 2012

My Recipe Book

Since starting my baking adventure not only have I an unhealthy obsession with collecting baking books but I also collect alot of recipes from the internet, magazines and friends.  These scrappy bits of paper have been really bugging me and I have been thinking of making a scrapbook of my favourite and successful recipes.  I've been seearching high and low for something to make said scrapbook and whilst in Paperchase the other month came across this wonderful binder.  Not only are the colours and patterns 'me' I can manipulate what I want to go inside as it has folders and plastic inserts.  Oooh I was very excited with this little find.

First of all I wanted the front page to be about me, so I printed a photo of me baking, mounted it on cardstock with a little message.  The other picture, which I stumbled upon on the internet, is of a picture of a housewife back in the 50's,  when I looked closely at it I thought it looks so much like me (or is that wishful thinking) printed a copy which I have labelled  'Me - probably in a previous life'

I've collated a few bits and pieces to compliment the colours in the book including some doillies and created this page to introduce my book. (Fab photo don't you think?)
and of course taken photo's of all my cakes that I have baked which I have included beside the hand written recipe.  I feel it's important that it is handwritten as I want it to be a more personal recipe book to my grandkids.  I may even leave them little notes to find along the way.
To date I'm only 4 pages in, but I am enjoying putting this together as and when I feel like doing a little bit of scrapping and think it's great that I am combining my love of baking and scrapbooking as the same time as leaving a family heirloom of me.
As it's a Bank Holiday weekend I may even get a few more pages completed considering the weather forecast is not looking good.
Lynetta Xx

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