Sunday, 27 May 2012

Week 20 - Mississippi Mud Supreme Bars - The Big Cheat

Quote : NONE - it does exactly what it says on the side
Faff Factor = 4
Bake = 5
Keeping Up Appearances = 5
Total score =14/30
OK I'll confess, this week's bake is a big cheat.  I was given this packet mix from a friend who recently went State side and considering this weekend I have been so busy with my trip to London (a wonderful long blog post will soon follow, it was Ab Fab) I really didn't have time to BAKE this weekend but as I didn't want to dissapoint the boys or my fellow followers I pulled this one out the cupboard.
OK, first of all let me start with how easy peasy this was to put together.  NO weighing (only the butter), NO Ken to help, just a mixing bowl and wooden spoon, and NO effort required at all.  Now if this is the way Americans bake (which I am led to believe considering alot of recipes require packet mix this and packet mix that - sorry don't want to offend all Americans and please put me right if that is not the case) but how boring is that!.
As you can see the result was good and tasty but I do feel like a cheat.  Because of this I'm only giving every thing half marks even though it was no Faff at all and the bake and appearance were great, but oh come on, it would make a mockery of my challenge if I gave a score of 27/30, don't you think?
And my last words are I'm not saying I wouldn't use a Betty Crocker mix again as I know I would, but only for the convenience, not for the result.
Off to put my feet up now, I'm a little tired after my little jaunt yesterday.
Love to all
Lynetta Xx

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