Thursday, 10 May 2012

Idle hands

If you are anything like me your hands will be in constant use throughout the day.  At work they are permantly typing, writing or wiping away the tears and at home they are either baking, making or washing up!  I really cannot just sit down without doing something with my hands so this evening I thought I would make a little something for the upcoming Jubilee and Olympic Celebrations.
Off I went to my computer and found an image of a vintage Union Jack to print out, gathered some old string and 2 wooden skewers, cut the Union Jacks out, folded in half and placed the string inbetween (can you guess what it is yet?)
not forgetting to evenly space the flags, then glued down to secure
I then tied to the skewers et voila, some pretty little bunting. How easy and effective does this look?  I have high hopes and big plans for this little project and I even have another little something in my mind to keep my idle hands happy.
Love to all
Lynetta Xx

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