Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Meet Lilibet!

I've got her home at last, my lovely Lilibet :-)  It was a tough choice but I finally decided on the Claud Butler model when I went out shopping for my new bike the other day.  I didn't realise how many other companies are making vintage/retro bikes other than Pashley.  I've covetted a Pashley for a long long time but really could not justify the expense so was really happy to have a choice of other bike manufactuers. 
I test rode the Raleigh but found that a little too low down but when I had a go on this one I knew she was mine:-)
I'm sure you are thinking why call her Lilibet?  I can thank Ian for helping me choose the name.  She is the Windsor model, it's the Jubilee year and Lilibet is the childhood family name for Queen Elizabeth II so found it only fitting to use a vintage name for a vintage looking bike.
Want to see her again?
Beautiful isn't she :-)
I've got Ian into the vintage bug now and can proudly announce he is the owner of Walter (I'll explain that one in another post as I've yet to take photo's)
We are now off for a little ride and will be stopping at a pub for a light meal and a pint on this glorious sunny day and I'm already looking at going further a field in the next couple of days by taking the train to the coast so I can ride her along a English would that be :-)
Toodle Pip
Lynetta Xx

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