Sunday, 22 July 2012


The other night I had my works 'do'.  It's a little boring as it's the same sort of thing every year.  You put your name down on a list to say what you will bring to the party being either savoury or dessert.  A lot of the teachers at my school like the finer things in life but myself and my work colleague are more down to earth kind of gals. 
When we were looking at the list noticing some lovely dishes like mini salmon en croute and chicken with spinach roulade being put down myself and Julia looked at each other and said 'Retro?' 
Nothing like a sausage on a stick I can tell you.  And Julia, well, she out shone everyone on the savoury table:
making a wonderful cheese and pineapple hedgehog.  Way to go Julia, whooo hooo.  and I'll let you into a little secret - both my sausages and Julia's hedgehog were one of the first things to be eaten up!
So all I can say is never judge a book by it's cover as they are not so refined as I first thought and we had a good old laugh about it too.
Lynetta Xx

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