Monday, 22 October 2012

Rain stopped play!

After 16 years, one house move and alot of meals (not to mention the cakes) my oven has stopped working.  I noticed something was wrong last week when I was baking the birthday cake (I also baked some vanilla cupcakes which I will sneak in as last weeks bake, post to follow).  I was a little pre-occupied in icing the birthday cake and cupcakes that I didn't realise that after 2 hours in the oven the brownies I decided to bake on a whim were still not cooked (good job really as they would of burnt - note to self put a timer on my christmas list) it was then I realised the temperature was low, so low that even though I had the dial set to 7 (200c) it was only cooking on 1 (100c) .  Oh dear my poor poor cooker has given up.  Rain stopped play!
As a short term measure (about 5 years I would say) we decided to go for another free standing cooker until the time comes when we re-design the kitchen.  I dream of having a lovely modern white gloss kitchen with a built in oven and induction hob, but until that day comes I'm happy to just another free standing cooker - I just don't think I could stand the upheaval and mess at the moment too. 
Luckily the stove top still operates so I'm able to be a little constructive with the meals but I'm missing my oven for baking.  It's going to be another week before it's delivered and installed so I better get the books out to see if I can come up with a no bake bake this week. 
Wish me luck.
Lynetta Xx

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