Friday, 28 September 2012

Do I? or Don't I?....

We may not have had much of a summer, and may have been spoilt at the beginning of September with some warm and dry weather but boy has it turned cold over the last week. I'm now wondering whether we will have an Autumn as the leaves have yet to turn golden but keeping fingers crossed we do as I love the colourful trees this time of year.
So the big question is do I or don't I put the heating on seems like a big question out there in the facebook world at the moment as all I see on peoples status is all about putting on the heating!
I'm going to hold off as long as possible but I know if it becomes too damp I will have no hesitation to switch it on but in the meantime I'm happy to be snuggled up under one of the many fleece blankets I seem to have lying around and drinking hot chocolate to keep me warm.
Have a happy Friday and keep smiling :-)
Lynetta Xx

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