Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Just a show off!

As previously mentioned on saturday Sarah and I (the Royal We lol) went up to London Earls Court for The Cake and Bake Show.  Sadly it was not as exciting as we anticipated.  I think if the organisers had realised how big an interest home baking really is they may have organised more places to get a cuppa and sandwich (no way did we want to queue for over an hour), more toilets (yes we had to queue as a girl cannot wait all day!) and better lighting (we couldn't see some of the demonstrations due to poor visibility).  The place was heaving to say the least...but look who bumped into me! (sadly a blurry photo)
Oooh what a lucky girl I hear you say.  However I must admit I felt like a stalker to get this photo.
After watching the said Mr Hollywood at a demo he safely remained behind the counter signing books, I managed to get my entry ticket signed which I have now clipped into my book. Then he escaped.....but not from me.....I quickly followed him and asked for a cheeky photo....I really don't know what came over me, I'm never normally this forward (insert a little smirk here).

Another little swoon,,, ahhhhhhh mmmmmmm
There was plenty to see at the show, plenty of stalls and demonstrations it was just so busy. 
I managed to watch Eric Lanlard bake his signature chocolate pastry, Jo Wheatley bake her famous chocolate birthday cake and Peggy Porschen (whose pop up shop was heaving) was giving private demonstrations but I managed to sneak a photo through the window.
Sadly I missed The Pink Whisk as Ruth was not demonstrating until 5pm and it was a little too late to wait.  I managed to get a little inspiration from the show though, I loved the chocolate Christmas tree which has urged me to make the cookie tree this year,  I loved the pink snowflake cake and thought wouldn't that make a wonderful wedding cake for a winter wedding? and the vintage table has given me the urge to go to car boots to find some old cook books.
and lucky me I managed to grab myself some bargains.........
a 6 monthly subscription to Delicious magazine for £10.99 with a free Mason & Cash mixing bowl, all the ingredients for a christmas cake from Baking Mad for £5, a 50p Ginger cake mix from Wrights (I know I don't really do mixes but the sample I tasted was scrummy and for a quick bake on a sunday in the winter to have with custard seemed silly not to buy one really) and Dr Oetker was giving away cake release spray (will have to use and give verdict on this product) along with some food colouring - lets here it for Dr Oetker, they were probably only one of the stalls happy to give away samples. 
So all in all a cheap and enjoyable day out.  On our journey home we mentioned we've no more little jaunts planned need to get something in the diary to look forward to, perhaps a Christmas market? any suggestions greatly received :-)
Toodle Pip
Lynetta Xx

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