Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Goodbye Old Friend, Hello to the new girl........

Well the time had to come sooner than later :-(  My car has been breaking down over the last couple of years with little things that cost alot so we decided that enough was enough and needed to trade the old girl in for a newer model. There's only so much money you can keep spending on an old car.
We've been looking for a newish car over the last couple of months and decided now is the best time to buy one. 
This saturday I had to say goodbye to the old girl.  She has served me very well knocking up over 56,000 miles over the last 10 years. She has taken me on many a jolly jaunt around England, broke down on me in Calais whilst waiting for the ferry home from a day out in Bruge (not naming names but someone left the ignition on to listen to the radio for 4 hours whilst we waited for the high winds to drop so the ferry could sail), transported Jack to over 100 football matches, pulled our trailer to go camping over the last 4 years, taken my mum to visit my sister in South Shields many a time, been on numerous shopping trips and generally been my trusty old bus. 
I'm going to miss you and hope you find a new home where you will be well loved as I have loved you.
We've been test driving a few different makes and models and finally made the decision last monday of the one we want. After an emotional trade-in we are now the proud owners of a Volvo V50.  I've yet to take some photo's of her so watch this space for an updated post.
Love to all
Lynetta Xx

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