Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Olympic Games

It's here, its finally here.  We spent Friday evening watching the absolutley, fantastic, jaw dropping, high tech, spectactular Olympic opening ceremony.
Not wanting to bore  you all with a very long post about the ceremony these links are more detailed and will serve as a reminder for me of all the details here, how they made those magic moments here and only 8 hours from when it all finished how our fantastic hard working Queen went back to the Olympic Village for a guided tour.
If only I knew they would be doing this I would of volunteered in a blink of an eye.  A missed opportunity I think.
During the evening I logged on to Facebook to ask my overseas friends how they enjoyed the events but this article sums it up all nicely - here.
We have enjoyed the first few days of events and already with Lizzie Armitstead winning a Silver Medal in the ladies cycling which has been my favourite so far we are all looking forward to the track and field events which start at the weekend.
Bring it On......
Lynetta Xx

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