Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Summer Holidays - Week 2

I've seemed to have slowed down for some reason and it's only week 2 of my holidays, yet again I don't think I will last the 6 weeks without being really really bored.  Round-up of week 2:-
  • Monday - Bike ride and getting caught up with the Olympic fever
  • Tuesday - Weather back to it's normal miserable self so stayed in and baked week 28
  • Wednesday - Popped into work, made a lovely Chilli Con Carne and Wiggin's wins Gold!
  • Thursday - My mission to buy Olympic tickets resulted in 7 hours of looking at the official website, clicking Buy now and being told to try again!
  • Friday - A spot of gardening taking the opportunity of a sunny day
  • Saturday - Earley Green Fair, test driving new cars and watching Olympics - Team GB winning 5 golds!
  • Sunday - Visit to London and Hyde Park to watch Olympics on big screen
mmm,  no wonder it felt as if it  was rather a slow and long week as I really didn't do much other than celebrate the Olympics.  Wonder what week 3 has in store for me?

Go Team GB!
Lynetta Xx

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