Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Summer Holidays - Week 3

Week 3 of the holidays and the weather has been hitting on average 21c.  At least the rain held off for most of the Olympics :-)  Round up of week 3
  • Monday - Went to test drive a new car - yeah we found one we like!
  • Tuesday - Working day, feeling a little low today?
  • Wednesday - Working day, visited mum. Very quiet day catching up with the house chores
  • Thursday - Little bike ride on Lilibet around the neighbourhood
  • Friday - Cream Tea with Julia (work collegue) and up early to bake for week 30!
  • Saturday - Yes we bought a new car and collected it today!  Weather glorious so had a fab BBQ
  • Sunday - Went to Portsmouth to give the car a run. Visited Southsea for a portion of chips, this seaside town bought back many a childhood memory.
I've not felt myself all week, I have this rather low feeling inside of me which I am struggling to shake off.  I'm not too sure why I'm feeling like this but I hope it passes as quick as it came. Looking back over this week it really doesn't look very interesting! perhaps that's what it is, do I need a little excitement in my life?
See you again soon.
Lynetta Xx

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