Thursday, 9 August 2012

Olympic tickets

2 tickets required add to shopping basket - done
any athletics events in the Olympic Park please - click to request
Oh please oh please let it be me...............................................
sorry your request could not be processed!
How very very frustrated did I get the other day and night.  I spent over 7 hours trying to purchase tickets online, at one point it was confirmed that I had 3 tickets in my basket, but stop..... I didn't request the £1450.00 priced tickets, I wanted the cheap seats (if you can call them cheap at £95) so I declined their offer and tried and tried again.  At one point I got my crochet out and managed to get 10 rows completed.  
I'm not going to send an official complaint in, there's no point really, ever since the first issues went on sale the ticket buying has been a fiasco, and the second ballot was totally screwed up so in reality what was I to expect, that I could just log on and get tickets, but I was optimistic and I tried and tried and tried.
Oh well never mind, I've watched more races on the TV than I ever have in previous years due to the fantastic coverage by the BBC (good old Aunty) and really really enjoyed every last race but I'll do a seperate post about the Olympics for the record.
OK, one more try do you think?
Have a happy Thursday.
Lynetta  Xx


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