Friday, 3 August 2012

The not so perfect Cream Tea.

Last Saturday I was a very lucky girl and was invited out to a Cream Tea at Pinewood Nurseries in Stoke Poges.  Both myself and Sarah put on our posh frocks and off we went happily thinking of the sandwiches and cakes we were about to eat.
On arriving we realised that all was not as seemed from the advert.  Giving benefit of the doubt we went into the nursery, through to the conservatory and took our seat.  The young assistants really could not cope with the small amount of people wanting to partake in some tea and cakes and after 15 minutes came to take our order. 
Oh dear, what a shock we got when asked what kind of ploughmans we wanted, ham or cheese?  When we finally received the food I can honestly say the only enjoyable thing on the plate was the fresh bread.  After another 10 minutes I could wait no longer as we had not been given any drinks so had to ask for our tea which was given in a teapot that dripped and leaked whilst pouring.  Then to top it all off when we were finally served our scones they were only half baked and not cooked inside.
So I did something I have never done before, we got up and left and politely informed the staff we were not satisfied.  They were very apologetic and made their excuses even offering us 2 free drinks on our next visit (as if we would travel that far again for free drinks) but in all honesty looking at the other side of the coin I feel they probably have taken on more than they are capable of and do hope they can sort it out before business takes a downwards turn.
Returning to the car we started our journey home but both myself and Sarah really needed our sugar rush with a decent cup of tea.  Not knowing the area very well we decided to stop off in Sainsbury's to get a take away tea and a most delicious Raspberry and Cream turnover and to find a park to have our afternoon tea.  Deary me, even that was a task and a half so we ended up eating in the car.
What an adventure for an Afternoon Tea.  I think I may have to organise my own to make up for our very disappointing afternoon.
Lynetta Xx

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