Saturday, 4 August 2012

Week 28 - Raspberry Bakewell Cake

Quote from website -  This simple almondy cake is a great way of using up pick-your-own raspberries
Faff Factor = 9
Bake = 9
Keeping Up Appearances = 9
Total score = 27/30
I think I've just found my second favourite bake of the challenge.  If you love a good Cherry Bakewell Tart you've just got to try this recipe.  I stumbled upon this one from The Good Food website whilst looking for raspberry recipes and you can find the recipe here
I managed to get this cake weighed and into the oven within 15 minutes as it used the all in one method, something that I have never tried before and to be honest it felt a little lazy way to bake a cake but who's complaining when it gives you this great result. 
I was also getting a little concerned as the mixture was very very thick and I went into a little panic so added a tablespoon of milk which seemed to help a little but as the method suggests it's easier to use your hands to spread the mixture when levelling in the tin, yes it is that thick!
I substituted the vanilla essence for almond essence and I also used the new liquid stork, which speeded up the process, and which I feel suited this recipe instead of butter. 
When I bake this cake again (yes it's that good) one other thing I will do next time will be to add more raspberries so it has a nice even layer in the middle.  A good lesson learned this week :-)
I also think this cake would make a welcome addition to the tea table on a winter's afternoon with custard,  oooh just thinking about that made my mouth water :-)
Bye for now
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